Men: The retro vintage trend to watch!

By Luis Gabriel Rodríguez Betancourt

A touch of vintage accessories is today’s and one of 2019’s trends. The 90’s retro aspect of watches has returned. From fashion designers to regular people just dressing for the occasion are adding this peculiar retro design of watches in their own outfit, so don’t keep waiting for yours!

Add that extravagant combination of vintage retro fashion with modern everyday trends. There’s one in particular that came to rock 2019, G-SHOCK watch, made by CASIO. These watches are not basically vintage, but the company has created a style inspired on retro design. They came to kill this 2019.

Since the Glacier Gold Collection, there has been a release of four different models, which their labeled as the DW-5600, DW-6900, GA-700, and two models of the GA-400.

May your style rock this 2019!

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