The new way to French Manicure

By Luis Gabriel Rodríguez Betancourt

Did you know French manicure is back? Yes! we know they have been settled since the 70’s, but they came back to restore manicure in a French style once again.

2019 is showing that celebrities are going trend with this kind of manicure, even though French manicure reputation has had a tacky one. Celebrities and influencers have taken a modern take and have stablished their own version of this traditional nail art trend.

So… why don’t you? Many people are going with the old style, “the classic”. But if like to pop up your style a little more extravagant with a rounded tips cut.

Oh! Almost forgot, if you want a more modern style, and still going with the French vibe, make your nails short and make those tips thinner.

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