Hair Tutorial: Curls with no heat

final look

By: Raquel Ortiz Burgos

Want curls without having to go through the heat of the curling iron? I will be explaining how to do curls without the heat.

What do you need?

  • Bobby pins , estimated of 20-30 of these
  • Brush to de-tangle your hair
  • Water (optional, this one can be done on damp or dry hair)
  • Hairspray (optional, it helps for the curls in place for the day)
  • Bandanna or hair net (optional, if you leave it overnight is better to wrap your hair to keep it from becoming undone)

Part I. Wrapping Curls

Step 1 Wrapping Curls: Section off the hair that you want to curl.

Step 2: De-tangle your hair using a brush.

Step 3: If you are going for wet hair, dip your fingers in water and run them thought your hair.

Step 4: Place your index and middle finger close to the root of your hair, then wrap around these two fingers. Make sure its tight because if no it would lose the shape.

Step 5: Once it’s wrapped around the finger, gently slide your hair with two fingers (while keeping the shape). Use your other hand and immediately lie flat against your scalp.

Step 6: Secure with two booby pins by criss – crossing them over one another.

Step 7: Continue on this method until your hair is curled.

Step 8: If you are planning leaving the hair overnight, place your bandanna or hair net over your hair.


Part II. Revealing Curls:

  1. Carefully remove bobby pins; the hair will automatically fall into a curl.
  2. Tease the hair if desired or leave curls as they are.
  3. Spray in hairspray to keeps the curls in place.

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