So Chic: Ria Michelle, your go to for an urban and sophisticated style inspiration

So Chic: Ria Michelle, your go to for an urban and sophisticated style inspiration - fashion influencer

Written by Sheli Nuñez

Who is she?

She’s an influencer and content creator from Trinidad and Tobago but based in Miami. With over 32K followers on her instagram, she shares her love of fashion and beauty. She has achieved collaborations with well known brands like Fendi, Reformation and Nespresso. 

What is her personal style?

I find it fitting to describe her style as a contemporary mix of sophistication and urban street-style. We can easily spot her wearing a blazer. Whether it’s a classic navy with pinstripes or colorful variations like mint and baby blue. Another signature of hers, baggy pieces, mostly ripped jeans. All the while she seamlessly blends delicate silk tops and dresses balancing with tough denim, leather and cargos. It’s the kind of style you see and want to recreate.

Why is she this month’s So Chic?

You can tell by simply scrolling through her instagram the confidence and fearlessness she possesses. It all comes from knowing your style and expressing it to the best of your abilities. Maybe you don’t have the same aesthetic as her, but we can all benefit from admiring her individuality. That’s what fashion is truly about.

Her most chic hobbies

Aside from being a fashion influencer she’s a travel enthusiast. She’s previously traveled to culturally fascinating destinations like the Bahamas and Stockholm. Occasionally, she enjoys a trip in a yacht and the calming breeze of the beach. When she needs to unwind you’ll find her at a spa getting facials. Perhaps you might see her sitting at a fine dining restaurant. She’ll definitely influence you with an entire lifestyle.