Since 2012 we began our mission of transforming the way fashion was reported, being the first completely digital fashion media in Puerto Rico.

Founded by Lourdes Nicolle Martínez and Michael Ferrer, TRAFFIC CHIC is the authority in runway, fashion, beauty and chic lifestyle in Latin America thanks to its unique point of view and exclusive content.

Traffic Chic goes beyond a literal meaning of words. It frames a chic lifestyle that results on having the power to stop traffic when walking on the street, capturing everyone’s attention and admiration.

Our mission is to create an international community that promotes the chic lifestyle through information, personal and social media interactions, and the creation of special events and projects.

We made our mission to become the #1 fashion, beauty and chic lifestyle latin media in the world.

The flower that we proudly share is the artistic way of representing the dash of our name. It means unity between life and chic style. It is a symbol of our unity as a Latin and international community.