Navigating and understanding the versatility of wigs

Navigating and understanding the versatility of wigs - amazon quality wigs

Written by Sheli Nuñez

Wigs can be your new best friend and ally, allowing you to alternate from your own hair. Maybe you’re terrified of bleaching your own hair but still want to try a new look. Maybe you want to cut it short but aren’t sure if you’ll like the end result. When you have a bad hair day you can throw it own and still look fabulous. You might even find it beneficial to let your own hair take a break because sometimes we do too much to it. No matter your lifestyle or hair type, you can give them a try.

The hardest part of this journey would be finding one that meets your needs. They’re many options in the market, especially since they’ve gained a massive popularity in the USA. The best options are human hair wigs. They’ll be a bit more expensive but the quality is like no other.

In this category is best to find 9A or 10A grade hair, which are the luxurious ones. As for the density, ideally it should be 150% and above because they have a seamlessly natural look. You’ll also have the option of dying, cutting and styling how ever you please. This one is ideal to fulfill all of your wildest desires when it comes to hairstyles.

On to the more confusing aspect. Some brands offer lace front, u parts and glue-less. If you prefer a middle or side part opt for lace front. It’ll allow you to maintain your preferred hairstyle while still maintaining a seamless look. Keep in mind that you’ll have to attend a professional to help you install it. U parts also come with that little inconvenience. You should know they’re not full wigs. By this i mean that at the top they have room for a bit of your own hair to leave out. This will eliminate the struggle of finding one that looks natural in the hairline. Glue-less on the other hand are a great option if you prefer to skip the salon visits. Sure there are options that will offer a middle and side part but they won’t look as natural. For glue less i would recommend bangs. You’ll be able to wear it without any hassle. 

An alternative that’s not talked about enough: headband wigs. They’re easy to install because they come with a headband attached at the front. You won’t need to go to a salon, which is a bonus. They’re ideal for those days you don’t know what to do with your own hair. The best part is that they also come with high quality human hair. You’ll be able to restyle it as you see fit. 

There are many alternatives when it comes to hair. They all have their pros and cons. You just have to find one that suits your lifestyle.

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