New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2022 trends to know

Written by: Carolina Purcell, intern

New York Fashion Week was celebrated a week ago, but there was so much good fashion that it was difficult for us to select the main trends shown on the runway. That is why, through our lens, we filtered the best ones for you to take notes on the upcoming season.

Bringing style back to the streets of New York City, New York Fashion week proposed a return to the classics. We can name the season “business casual”. Designers decided that lockdown is over, and fashion is back in with stunning back to basics quintessential New York styles lake double breasted trench coats and frocks, throwbacks to the early 2000s and even the 70s, simplistic yet stunning. 

90’s sporty

Tory Burch gives us a sporty, easy to use, classic New York style runway this season. From business casual to stylish evening wear. The 90’s inspiration was noticed in the color blocking and patterns implemented on some of the looks. 

Resortwear for work

Looks you could wear to work to show off your style in the office or walking down fifth avenue. A collection filled with staples with tear away sleeves made to look like bishop sleeves and the harem style pants almost make the whole thing feel too casual but somehow, it’s still work appropriate. 

The new Matrix

Latex, flannel, velvet and jeans Oh my! This is what Christian Siriano gave us this season. A gorgeous throwback to the early 2000s, most notably the jeans-on-jeans trend. The latex outfits gave off a matrix inspired vibe but still wearable and not costume like. Look forward to rocking these leather suits in the office. 

70’s Americana

The American ideal is how I can describe this runway from Coach. A combination of grunge and 1970s presented to us with a modern laid-back style. Oversized coats and t-shirts and tying the grunge look with everything word dog collar like accessories. 

Parisian flair

European style translated to American fashion, is what Carolina Herrera showed us this season. Wearable glamour with slick, polished and sophisticated outfits that seemed Parisian inspired and streamlined into comfortable to wear pieces. Each look emphasized the natural shape of the body giving it that quintessential ease of style American fashion is known for.

Oversized color

Classy, luxurious, and most importantly wearable that’s what Michael Kors presented this year on the runway at New York Fashion week. The pop of color and oversized fits we’re a total hit, clothing that people would want to and can wear. With a Business-as-usual style it feels like the lockdown never happened and it’s just business as usual in New York City. 

Fish look-a-like

People turning into… fish?! This is what Altuzarra did for fall winter 2022. Beautifully constructed jacket and coach that’s slowly morphed into gorgeous long sequin dresses that looked more like scales then sequin. the slow transformation is hardly noticed at first but then the scale like sequin pieces make their way into view and you can tell what the story is. Truly a wonderful show to watch. 

Fashion experimental

Truly the standout collection from our selection of designers. How to even describe Kim Shui’s collection? In a word experimental. With tentacle like frills, nods to the early 2000s and the lingerie-esk or completely sheer pieces, it was truly out of the box from all the other ones. There were some Chanel callbacks mixed in and a certain yellow set reminded me of certain Sher Horowitz.  

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