London Fashion Week February 2022 trend report

Written by: Carolina Purcell, intern

London Fashion Week February 2022 was an explosion of 70s inspiration this season. Buckle up, these might not be what you’re used to looking at. The European designers really did go out of the box to show us their creativity. Keep reading to find out more about some of the designers from London Fashion Week 2022.

Vintage revival

Vinti Andrews gave us street fashion inspired by the 70’s with today’s modern oversized aesthetics. There’s a punky vibe from the cinematography but the outfits are definitely 70s with flare pants and patterned coordinating pieces that are totally psychedelic. Clearly one of the more wearable collections from this selection.

Prairie punk

There’s a sort of playful undertone to BMUTE(TE)’s collection. Despite the muted and dark tones this collection manages to feel playful and exciting. Punk meets Prairie meets London is how best I can describe this show it’s rebellious yet sophisticated. 

Sci-fi glam

A beautiful rendition of Alice in Wonderland reimagined as sci-fi. This digital show from Apujan lets us follow a woman as she travels through dimensions to acquire a scroll. The show was uniquely done, having the pieces intermingled in the story becoming both part of the background while also being ever present in the story. 

Oddly cute punk princess

Big ruffles and flounces that make you feel like you can fly away. There’s a hint of punk in this collection between the tulles and ruffles. The oversized frogs feel like the western style of fashion I’m used to but much more exaggerated. The collection definitely had a story to convey as the pieces kept transforming the more you saw them. 

Paul Costelloe


Big-n-Bouncy is what we’re getting from Paul Costelloe this season. With big bouncy hair reminiscent of the 80’s, it’s clear to see the designer put more than just 80’s hairstyles into this collection. Oversized coats with large shoulder pads and iconic hams leaves done in an over-the-top jacquard fabric with a heavy design that stands out. There’s a subtle hint of punk with a leather motor jacket and more.

Vintage Mysterioso

Raf Simmons gave us a haunting display of caped baseball caps, PVC cat suits and Prairie dresses. The chokingly high necklines left you gasping for air if the PVC outfits didn’t already left you sweating. Being one of the most unique shows, it felt eerie because it was filmed in a bunker like room that was empty aside from the models and they run away.

Feetsies and bonnets

Richard Quinn proposed for Fall Winter 2022 an explosion of florals, rhinestones and latex. The Prairie dresses coupled with the feetsies pants make for a unique mix of 1970s and modern day looks. The looks were accompanied with frilled bonnets that really tide the vintage with the modern aesthetics. 


Toga brought the most unique collection so far with insert patterned fabric and and fur patches. This collection is definitely unique, but you can see some of the 1970’s inspo and the hint of 1920’s with the dropped waist silhouettes. Definitely the more out of the box designer of my selection. 

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