Unique fall activities to do in North America

By Rosangely Gómez

Every season of the year is great one to have a good time. In North America fall events can be quite exciting. It is always a good thing to make the most of it before the cold arrives. Take a look at these fun activities to do during fall!

Hot Air Balloons

Albuquerque in October is famous for their hot air balloon displays. Hundreds of air balloon cover the New Mexico sky in the annual International Balloon Fiesta. Food, activities and even concerts take place during the Fiesta. Bring your phone to take the most colorful pictures of the sky you will ever experience. 

Austin City Limits Music Fest

Do you like music festivals? Well this is a great option to enjoy music. Artists gather together to perform for two weekends at the Austin City Limits Festival. Diverse types of music are played. You can gather some food in a good spot to enjoy outdoor music. 

Colorful Niagara Falls

Everyone that has been to the Niagara Falls know how impressive they can be. Now imagine it covered in color with decorations and fireworks. An incredible experience that you cannot miss! The Winter Festival of Lights starts from mid-November through New Year’s Eve.

Wine and Dine in New York City

Enjoy and be part of a fine food celebration with a cup of wine always at hand. Celebrity chefs, tastings, rooftop parties and intimate dinners are some of the fun activities that you can experience in the New York City Wine and Food Festival. 

New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival

Pumpkins are such a big symbol of autumn. New Hampshire celebrates it with a lantern tower made out of pumpkins. Live music, beer, kid-friendly activities and delicious food are always available. The festival takes starts from October 18thto the 19th.

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