Trendiest Restaurants in Panama City

By Crystal Aponte, Intern

When traveling, you must satisfy all your needs, because you are not just there for the experience of knowing new cultures, but also to enjoy exceptional gastronomy. It is important to make a list of everything you want to do, without forgetting that you should keep in mind visiting the best restaurants in the country, so that your experience is a complete one.  

Panama is not only distinguished by their beautiful beaches, its history and its culture, but also by its gastronomy. They have stood out worldwide, since they have a fairly wide range of foods. You will not only find their typical dishes, but also Spanish, Chinese, Japanese food, among others. 

All its meals are influenced by other countries, which makes its gastronomy quite attractive for the public that visit it. This is why you cannot stay with the desire to visit its restaurants and offer your palate new experiences and flavors. 

Here’s a list of some of the trendiest restaurants in the City of Panama: 

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  • Os Segredos Da Carne (Ave. Federico Boyd, Calle 51, Bella Vista, Panamá City) 

This restaurant is an excellent option for meat lovers, as it has more than eighteen types of meats to choose from and taste. You definitely cannot leave Panama without visiting it, because you will not only enjoy its food, but also a comfortable and pleasant environment to spend quality time.

  • Salvaje Restaurant (Ave. Eloy Alfaro, Calle 11, Panamá City) 

Here you will take an unforgettable experience, because you will be able to have wine while you admire the beautiful landscape in Panama. This restaurant is distinguished by its Japanese and Mediterranean meals and for its excellence, quality and elegance.

  • Avantika (Calle 66 este y Calle 50, Panamá City) 
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If you are a Thai food lover, this is the right place for you since you can enjoy authentic options. It also offers vegan options, so there are no excuses not to visit it. You can enjoy a spacious and modern dining room or an outdoor terrace, your choice.

  • Tío Navaja Panamá (Ave. Central, Panamá City)  

Here you can enjoy an excellent ceviche, hamburgers and exquisite Panamanian food. Additionally, you will enjoy excellent service, good music, a pleasant and romantic atmosphere and good vibes.

Remember: Explore new flavors, new foods, and let your palate delight in the Panamanian seasoning.

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