#TravelChic: What should I wear? Traveling to South Korea this fall

By Rosangely Gómez

How does a trip to Asia sounds to you. Amazing right? Well it surely can become a nightmare if one does not prepare well. The most important tip to travel is to always do research. No matter where you plan to go, research. Especially when it comes to clothing. 

The correct clothes is extremely important to have an enjoyable trip! This weeks place of exploration is the amazing South Korea. Are you wondering what should you pack to Korea? Continue on reading. 

Keep in mind that Korea, as well as in many places, the change of seasons is highly noticeable. This means that summer is extremely hot, winter extremely cold and fall and spring are there just right in the middle when it comes to temperatures. Temperatures are everything when choosing your outfits for a trip. The month you are planning to visit South Korea will determine your packing. Right now is Autumn in South Korea and temperatures fluctuate between 50 to 79 degrees fahrenheit. This season starts from September to November. Some rainfall can be expected. The leaves change color beautifully, you can’t miss it!

Recommended wardrobe for traveling to Korea during Autumn:

This outfit is perfect to wear during the day when its warmer. A dress that can easily be used without or with a stylish coat depending on the temperature, a small bag for the essentials and comfy sneakers to walk around and explore.

If there is a day on your travel schedule in which you plan to visit museums, malls or indoor locations, a nice thin long sleeved shirt layered with a black see through sweater and a brown skirt like the one above will work beautifully. To complete the look add some small heeled ankle strap shoes.

For another day exploring the city, all the necessary pieces are here. White t-shirt, grey trousers, white sneakers and a simple mint green jacket. Add some color with a small purse like the mustard colored one above. 

 For a simple night out some high waisted mom jeans will do the job. Top it off with a stylish warm sweater black boots and simple purse. If the weather is too cold to handle with only a sweatshirt combine the look with a cream, dark green or black colored long coat. 

Additional accessories that can make your outfit look even better:

Overall South Korea is a great location to visit all year round. However, the most climate comfortable months to do so would be during September, October, March, April and May. Now that your suitcase is set, get ready to have the most amazing time!

Outfit items by Topshop.com

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