Top Fall makeup trends

By Rosangely Gómez

How much can the seasons influence in the beauty decisions we make? A lot. It’s not always a conscious choice. Sometimes we replicate what we see in others because we just liked how it looked. 

Trends change depending on the time of the year and the new creations that are made in all aspects of beauty. This fall 2019 we bring to you the trendiestmake-up looks that you will see throughout this time of the year. 

Rosy cheeks

Even though not everyone lives in a place where seasonal weather changes are noticeable, rosy cheeks imply the look of being hit by the cold wind during fall. The skin tends to get pale and dry during cold seasons, thus why the rosy cheek look brings aliveness to the face. If you are in a hotter area where cold wind is unnoticeable, know that rosy cheeks are never out of style in hot weather. Go for it!

Wine and mauve lips

If you are looking for the perfect stronglip colors for fall wine red and mauve are it. You can control the intensity in which you want the lip color to look. A little dab on the lips that you can blend with your fingers or a brush will look great. You can just go all in with the colors. If where you live where the cold is noticeable, top it off with some lip-gloss or lip balm to prevent chapped dry lips.

Dewy glowy skin

Many make-up artists adore this look because it gives of a wellness and healthy skin vibe. As mentioned before, the colder weather can be very drying on the skin. This glossy look is the perfect way to keep that summer glow we never want to fade. In this look a good skin care routine is the most important step of all. Make sure to use the right products for your skin type keeping in mind the weather changes. 

Matte smoky eye look

This look is not only wonderful for day to day events, it is also great for more formal activities. When in doubt, a smoky eye is always the answer. It can truly enhance your eye color. Choose a dark shade of black, gray, green, blue or even purple.If you don’t like to wear much makeup at all, just focus on a smoky eye. That way the rest of your makeup can be simple and you will still look dazzling. 

Emphasize your mascara

Pay more attention to the mascara you wear. With mascara you do not have to worry much about anything else. For an everyday make-up look just put on some mascara and go light on the mouth with glossy lips. This is the perfect minimalist fall look. 

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