Autumn home decor tips

By Rosangely Gómez

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear autumn home decor? It could be the shades oforange and brown and maybe pumpkins everywhere and yellow and reddish leaves. Well, fall does not always has to mean that. You can actually decorate your home with seasonal colors and props that do not include the commonly used ones. 

Colors to focus on

Use colors like greens, teal, white, greys and gold. You can combine them in pillows used for your couch, seats or beds.


It’s time to bring out your knitted blankets, table runners and pillows. This can be a simple but great addition to add texture in your home. You can basically add knitted decorations to any part of the house: the kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms and even the bathrooms. 


Candles can be a simple addition that will bring out the best of every room. You can use them just for decoration or you can actually light them up for ambience and autumn scents. Put them in a golden candle holder for a chic detail.


Rugs can be what you need to complete your fall home look. A rug that features a variant of oranges, pinks, purples and blues will be all you need for a colorful look. If the rug is colorful, big and with a pattern try to keep the rest of the decorated space simple for the focus to be on the rug and vise versa.

Rustic look

Wood is a signature look for cold weather. Wood is not only limited for a fire place. Use it as a decoration for your home. Put some picture on a wooden picture frame to scatter around the house or hang them in the walls. That simple addition will achieve the wooden touch. 

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