The Return of the Oktoberfest

By Rosangely Gómez

Cooler air and changing leaves, you know what that means? Oktoberfest has returned! This festivity began as early as in the year 1810. King Ludwig I. marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen was celebrated in Bavaria. Such celebration included horse races, agricultural fairs and parades. Nowadays, the Oktoberfest is mainly celebrated with numerous types of beers, music, dances, carnival rides and German food.

It is an event that has become a world-wide celebration. It is not only celebrated in Germany but also in the United States, Caribbean, Australia, Canada and many more. If you are interested in experiencing the Oktoberfest like never before, here are some recommended places you can visit:

  • Germany (Of course!)

Visit where it all started to get the realest feel of what Oktoberfest is really all about. This 2019 the festivity in Munich starts from September 21 to October 6th. There will be an opening and closing ceremony for it, but the days are filled with beer, food, music and entertainment. 

  • San Francisco, CA

Oktoberfest by the bay! It can’t get better than that. The festival only lasts three days. This year it was from September 21 to the 23rd. It’s never too late to start planning your next year Oktoberfest trip. 

  • Georgia, Atlanta

The oldest place where people celebrate the Oktoberfest in the United States. It takes place in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Helen a replica of a traditional German village in the Alps. Try authentic German food, beers, music and crafts while you are there from September 26 to October 27.

  • Puerto Rico

The caribbean also enjoys celebrating Oktoberfest. Casa Bavaria in Morovis is the most recognized place to celebrate it but activities occur all through the island. It started on September 21 and will continue until November 2. 

Oktoberfest is highly recognized in the world. If traveling is not an option for you, search for Oktoberfest celebrations near you. It is truly enriching to learn about another country’s culture and history. Don’t miss it out!

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