Restaurant of the month: La princesa Gastro Bar in Old San Juan

By: Rosangely Gómez

Caribbean food is truly one of a kind. Just like its people, it is a fusion of other countries cultures. La Princesa Gastrobar is a perfect example of a restaurant that serves delicious authentic caribbean food. 

Located in the historical city of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico, this restaurant offers a traditional menu based on a recipe book from the 1800’s. It also has a distinguished Rum bar where the visitors are able to learn all about caribbean and Puerto Rican rum while surrounded by nature. It is noticeable how the waiters know about the history of the capital city, which they will gladly share with their customers. 

The restaurant offers brunch, lunch and dinner. For each they have a different menu that can be found on their website. Enjoy a variety of fish, meats and crustaceans while sipping on a delicious caribbean Rum. Your tastebuds will reach the above and beyond.

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