The nails cut guide


By: Raquel Ortiz Burgos

Looking for the perfect nail cut? A few years ago, we only had length to choose from when visiting the nail salon. But this season, we have so many different nail cuts that we can find it difficult to choose one of us. That is why we will be explaining the different types of nails cut below.

  • Round

round nail shape

Perfect for short nails

  • Square

square nail sahpe

The sides of your nail had to be parallel

  • Square with rounded corners

square with rounded corners

This one is more of a natural than the square

  • Square oval

square oval

Is the combination of the square and oval

  • Oval

oval nail shape

This cut is ideal for long nails

  • Almond

almond nail shape

It is not parallel like the square, perfect for the sides of your nails.

  • Pointed (stilettos)

pointed nail shape

Suitable for very long nail. It is prefer with acrylic or gel pose for more solidify.

  • Edge

edge nail shape

This one is only possible with fake nails

  • Pipe

pipe nail shape

Is the combination between square and almond, also ideal for very long nails

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