The most eye catching collections at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

Written by Angélica Pacheco Santiago

The gateway for emerging designers and industry veterans takes place for their latest collection, the starting point between manufactures and creativity, and to make Tokyo more fashionable and enjoyable is what makes Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo take place. From Y2K cyberpunk streetwear, minimal simplistic chic to flamboyant combinations, the designers showcased their most recent collection through the six day event. As the week comes to end, Traffic chic has taken the task to present highlights worth revisiting and to name some possible trends we will likely see take place soon enough.

Yueqi Qi

Guangzhou based, independent womenswear designer is first time showing in Tokyo with a collection inspired in mixing psychedelics, 60’s reference, Y2K and Cyberpunk style. Where innovative handiwork can be appreciated in every detail, from crochet to 90’s denim looking patches, and combination of colour variation that reveals printed solar systems hiding within.

Harunobu Marata

Industry veteran, born in Tokyo and award-winning designer, Harunobu Marata presented his collection inspired by the European elegance rarely seen in Tokyo. A selection of well constructed silhouettes, monochromatic clean contemporary coats, loose suits and evening dresses bring a youthful sophistication with minimalistic appeal. 

Maison J. Simone

Parisian fashion designer presented his collection with fluid yet constructed silhouettes. From powerful to colourful, the collection plays a major role inspired by the street fighter game, presenting wrapped polka dots, fiery tiger prints, faux fur and fabric printed body, the pieces make it’s entry to the runway, leaving a trace of humour and most importantly, originality.


The Tokyo 2023 Award winner designer presented a collection that has the fusion of the old and the new, wearing monochromatic veils, tailored and loose suits, with the focus of the old oriental shoes. 

Tomo Koizumi

The young Japanese leading designer presented its collection bringing a vibrant colorful explosion presenting his signature three-dimensional polyester organza ruffled pieces. Silhouettes vary from varying dresses to skirts, to even bigger pieces that can remind people of a bouquet of flowers.


Newcomers to The Tokyo Fashion Week but not to the industry, veteran designers opened with a single pair of jeans, paving the way for oversized wool coats, check patterns, jackets with cutout variety, with a lot of denim, Offering an effortlessly cool, genderless and timeless feel.