Tokyo fashion trends for Fall/Winter 2023 you don’t want to miss

Tokyo fashion trends fall winter 2023

Written by Angélica Pacheco Santiago

After newcomers and industry veteran designers showcased their collection in the Rakuten Fashion Week Festival, in Tokyo,  a vibe shift is upon us that prioritises wearability. As collections go down the runway, from minimalistic to flamboyant combinations strikes down, with a bold rule centered, fearless individualism. Here is our predictions of fashion trends that will take place:

Bold Color Clothing

Vivid colours pave the way to expression. A singler colored of layered pieces making fashionable look.

Oversided clothing pieces

From baggy clothes comes to over sized hoodies and wide spread pants, inspired by the American Hip Hop, bringing a comfortable, versitable and relaxed appeal. 

Deconstructed Silhouettes

A vestimetary garments that are impossible to go wrong with, deconstructed silhouettes reinvents the classics, giving a practical and timeless essence.


Boom from social medias, Techwear designers make the reality aesthetics from using innovative materials to create an avant garde look, giving a futuristic and unique appeal. 

Graffiti / Printed shirts and pants

Anything but subtle, graffiti like, printed garments bring the solid statement pieces to the streets. Diversifying the look with wearable pieces of art.

Y2K Punk aesthetics

Similarly to the Egirl Aesthetics, Y2k Punk is a combo that’s mixed in a bowl with diverse taste. Anime, Kpop, electronics, all range of colors blend into a unique anime looking doll. 


Contrasting vivid colors, the monochrome palettes shapes the design without taking it to an eccentric side with the timeless feel and with shades that benefits everyone.

Sheer dressing

Transparent looks have been on the rise, pieces or dresses that can be worn layered, for casual or for a party, leaving a lot of skin to display, displaying sensuality and fearlessness. 

Denim on Denim

You can never go wrong with a piece of denim, which never goes out of style, then why not stack it? It’s an effortlessly look anyone can pull off, giving the comfort and suit for your casual occasion.


An innovative and unconventional look, crochet knit wear is to keep the rest of your look relaxed with separates.