The best indoor plants for Fall

By Rosangely Gómez

Home decor can be overwhelming. Sometimes we can’t seem to find the perfect object to fill in that annoying space in our living room. No matter what we choose, it doesn’t look quite right. For cases like this, have you considered indoor plants? Plants look good and they also benefit us in many ways. You might think, “but I can’t take care of a plant. It will die!” Well do not worry because within the variety of plants that you can use for home decor, many do not need constant care. Take a look at the suggested plants below to choose the best for you; especially now during the autumn season. 

Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

Now this plant you might have seen a different malls, buildings and offices. It is perhaps the easiest indoor plant to grow. It doesn’t matter if the sunlight can’t reach the snake plant or if you forget to water it at all. A snake plant will always look good. It is fabulous just like that! You can choose a small one to put in a cute pot or a bigger one if needed. 


With its dark green and purple red leaves, this indoor plant might be the perfect one for fall. Calathea is a low maintenance plant. It needs low light and medium water. So if you forget to water it once in a while, do not panic. It will survive and keep purifying the air of your home. 


Now who doesn’t love a thick leaved succulent? A beautiful fact about this one is that it produces a seasonal bloom that pops out during the cooler months. This plant does not need much watering because too much moisture can cause the roots to rot. They do grow best in clay pots with drainage. Keep that in mind!

Be cautious when getting indoor plants. You can start with one, but soon enough your house will be covered with them! There’s nothing better than arriving home to fresh clean air, green colorful surroundings and the beautiful serene home decor that indoor plants provide. 

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