Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2022 Trends

Written by Carolina Purcell, intern

Paris Fashion Week 2022 Fall Winter was quite “I’ve been locked in my house for far too long” vibe. Why do I think this? More than one designer fashioned their coats in bathrobes styles. Outside of that, there was a hint of return to normalcy with business suits looks strutting down the runways and oversize nearly everything. More inclusivity with models of every shape, size, and age walking down the catwalks. 

Monochrome Madness

Valentino went all out on Pink! Vibrant pink from head to toe then midway through the show solid black. Loving the monochromatic looks, even the staging was vibrant solid pink. Everything was stunning, from the basic T-shirt and pants look to the jaw dropping gala dresses. 

Postpunk chic

I honestly struggled to make heads or tails of this one, it felt like a hodgepodge of patterns and textiles, quite messy. Marine Serre was inclusive with her models selection, from young to old, male and female. As for the styles there were tweed coats, a collage of knits with all sorts of patterns, styled very `reminiscent of the late 90’s punk scene. 

80’s Bulk

The 80’s are back, and Louis Vuitton is dead set on bringing the classics with an oversize and boxy twist. Overall, not my favorite, seemed tired and bland. While it was wearable, it was so tired, even the color selection was muted. The styling felt like they were trying to appeal to the younger crowd, but they didn’t quite hit the mark. 

Shimmering Eleganza

Yet another glamorous show from Elie Saab. Little black dresses, rhinestone bralettes and stunning gala dresses. This designer is usually known for more feminine looks. It was refreshing to see something less feminine from him. The quilted coats did give me a bathrobe vibe and a few other looks did feel like just expensive loungewear. I can’t blame them, we have been locked inside for 2 years. 

Back to Basics

Dior is throwing it back to the 1950’s with a modern twist, the wide hips corsets over oversized dresses. Some of the looks were a little too-on-the-nose for a Dior classic. The random football armor was odd but it made it unique at least. The first outfit made it seem like the collection would be super futuristic, but it was very much not that. It was honestly disappointing and made the show less interesting, sure everything was beautiful, but why hint at something you aren’t going to present. 

Luscious Essentials 

Chloé hits us with a wave of leather, while this writer hopes that it is all ethically sourced or faux leather, I can’t help but be enthralled by the beautiful creations. As basic as this collection felt it was still interesting. The prairie like dresses and sudden switch to a tank top with pant look really popped out to me, it felt jarring but in a good way. 

Nihilistic chic

Quite the unique show Balenciaga put on for us. The models walked in the middle of a snowstorm, struggling while carrying either what looked like trash bags or large bags. The whole atmosphere felt heavy and depressing with mostly black looks really selling the mood. It really felt like a tribute to the current situation happening in the world. The struggling models trudging through the storm in these elegant, styled looks was interesting to watch. It was hard to see the silhouette of the pieces because as the show went on the storm just got worse and it really distorted the outfit. But from what little we could see it was skintight, full length white pants and oversize coat. 

Urban chic

Acne’s runway was stunning with a 70’s sunken living room vibe. The looks were quite beautiful but felt very cumbersome, especially the thicker padded fabrics. The other less bulky designs felt very flowy with fringe and silk fabrics. With bathrobe type coats, styled with literal house slippers, really showed that we’ve been locked inside for too long. I do have to say the sunglasses were quite the distraction for me, it looked like they were wearing them upside down and it really bothered me.

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