Narciso Rodriguez x Zara available now

narciso rodriguez x zara collection 2022

The chic collaboration you where waiting for just happened. Cuban-American Designer Narciso Rodriguez united with ZARA to create a capsule exclusive collection available online and on selected stores.

The 25 items of clothing and accessories in the new Narciso Rodriguez x Zara, all drawn from his archive, are proof of that. Good design endures.

“This has been an amazing experience for me,” says Rodriguez of working with Zara. “It was great to go through the archive and revisit things that we loved. It also great to see them through Zara´s design team fresh eyes. They are such a professional team excited about each piece and making sure the essence of the original ones are maintained.”

The Narciso Rodriguez x Zara collection reflects both his sharp sense of architecture and the intimacy he established with the body. What made a  Rodriguez dress so sexy was not that it was tight-fitting or revealing, but that the body underneath always remained free.

“There’s a beautiful slip dress in the collection that’s bias-cut and with interesting seaming,” he notes. “It’s what people think of when they think of my brand. It’s very liquid. It flows  over the body.”

“Working with Zara is eye-opening, because everyone is so aware of what’s going on in the world and in fashion,” Rodriguez says. “They have really enthusiastic, energetic people, and they were excited about every aspect of this collaboration. And that was fun for me—to see people who weren’t around when these clothes were first shown, now celebrating and enjoying them as much as we did 20 years ago.”

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