Milan Fashion Week FW 2022 trend report

Written by: Carolina Purcell, intern

While London Fashion Week was out of the box, Milan felt like a return to basics with the odd exception. We saw a return of the low-rise pant, miniskirts, corsets, and a new brand branching out to the world of fashion. With everything happening in the world is was nice to see at least one brand show a sign of respect to those affected in Ukraine, in that same token Milan offered a reprieve from the chaos unfolding. Keep reading and tell us which designer was your favorite. 

Spring for Winter

Luisa Beccaria’s collection was a breath of spring in winter. For this collection layering is key to pull of the thin fabric during fall and winter. Beccaria paired matching floral tights and a large fluffy coat to achieve the warm layering effect. This collection was the epitome of femininity and romance, with bishop sleeves, soft off the shoulder tops and flowy long midi skirts. 

Celestial Fetish

Suits, leather, and skin! With amazingly tailored suits and dresses that showed skin. There’s a subtle fetish tone to the collection with the chockers and tight-fitting pieces, not to mention the hint of the matrix with the long coat jackets. The boxy jackets are reminiscent of the of the 80’s and the fringe dresses give 70’s vibes.  The giant sphere in the center of the runway made the outfits feel like they were celestial bodies in orbit. 

Smart Casual

As a sign of respect to the people of Ukraine, Armani chose to have a silent runway. It was clear to see that smart casual is in, with black and white taking the main stage for colors with the occasion green, blue and a hint of pink to break up the monotony. Impeccably made suits, dress shirt and pants, coupled with less formal sporty jackets. Though the silence made the models feel a bit awkward to watch, it made the looks stand out somehow more. 


Ferrari is dipping its toes into the fashion world, and it was one of the more interesting shows. The mood was business executives meet NASCAR pit crew. The Racing overalls, leather jackets and protective leather patches really showed the brands racing roots. While they could use some polishing the overall show was beautifully done. 

Low rise and mini 

Versace is bringing back the low-rise pants, miniskirts, and corset tops of the early 2000’s. This was fetish wear made fashionable, the skintight outfits made with lates, leather or spandex really sold it. This show had one of the more unique endings with the models posing in groups before walking back down the runway. 


Moschino really outdid themselves and it was quite a welcome reprieve from the events unfolding in the world. The show stage was a stately background, and the outfits? The outfits were furniture come to life. Every piece felt luxurious and not something for day-to-day, and while it had its unique looks and accessories, the pieces themselves were exquisite. It was a welcome break form the traditional runways, with its whimsical beauty and the beast aesthetics and channel looks it was just beautiful.


With both oversized and tailored pieces, it was hard to get through Max Maras collection. While the outfits were stunning and well-made, I couldn’t help but be underwhelmed. Wide legged pants, oversized coats and jackets, and sweaters is the most basic fall-winter outfits you could go with, it all just so been there, done that. 


Alberta Ferretti gave us a stunningly opulent collection for fall 2022. With pieces one can wear in day-to-day life like tailored suites and traditional fall-winter styles impeccably. Heavy layering is the name of the game here! And I Am all about that. This collection felt comfy and warm, the contrasting of heavy metallics with a pop of colors stood out to me. Everything was standard Fall-Winter outfits, but the styling was so well done it all just felt new and exciting. 

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