TRY IT NOW: It Girls Will Be Using Brown Chrome Nails for Fall 2023

brown chrome nails fall 2023

Written by Sheli Nuñez

We’ve all been there, scrolling through Pinterest and instagram right before going to the nail salon to get inspiration for our next aesthetic. For the fall season it can be particularly hard to choose something new, everyone just goes back to the old trusted burgundy shades, black and simple browns.

brown chrome nails fall 2023

We’ll make it easier for you because this time the choice is quite simple, you can thank us later if you’d like. This season all the girls will be getting brown chrome nails. I know what you’re thinking, Hailey Bieber may have started the trend back in 2022 calling it ‘chocolate glaze nails’ but now they’ve evolved and they’re even more glamorous.

Of course you can try Bieber’s version, which is equally as fabulous and it happens to be making a comeback but there are other ways to go about it that you should also consider. Essentially they are brown nails layered with chrome powder.

To achieve a bronze effect you should ask your nail technician for bronze or brown chrome on top. If you’d like to try the glazed technique you’ll have to use white or silver chrome. Keep in mind, depending on the shade of brown you choose or the silver chrome can cause a cold undertone which might not look pleasant on everyone.

We suggest using a brown shade with yellow undertones because this season is all about warmth and coziness. You could combine them with a trendy almond shape or opt for a short and sweet style. You can also do an ombré effect or french tips for a more delicate look.

Sure you could go for simple chocolate color nails, they’re trending as well, but why not go a step further? Brown chrome nails are beautiful, luxurious and are sure to turn heads while earning you well deserved compliments.

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