Dive into a rich understanding of the human experience in the art exhibit “Landscape of Memories”


Written by Sheli Nuñez

An imprescindible exhibition hosted by the Zilberman Gallery in Miami. It began last year on December 1st and will be available until March 23rd of this year. The culture rich exhibit has brought together an array of artists from all over the world. Their distinct works are use to further explain the correlation of humans and nature, specifically the impact memory has on our daily lives and how it can affect our future. 

“The complex link between humans and nature shapes a cognitive process inYuenced by experiences, memory, and the continuous redeZnition of vital situations. This exploration is rooted in the biocultural memory inherent in the human species, providing a long-range historical perspective and activating nuanced ways of apprehending the environment, deeply grounded in cultural dimensions”, explains the art gallery.

Among the impressive lineup of artists there’s Yaşam Şaşmazer from Istanbul. Her work explores the contrast of mortality and vitality, absence versus existence, and the overall part humans have in the grand scheme of it all. There’s also works by the colombian Larry Muñoz who’s inspired by nature. He’s sculptures and installations, which are meticulously detailed, offer a fresh perspective on its fragility and the way humans interact and depict the nature that surrounds us.

Other notable artists that will be presenting are Carlos Aires, Alpin Bağcik, Omar Barquet, Sandra del Pilar, Memed Erdener, Itamar Gov, Cengiz Tekin, Azade Köker, Lucia Tallová and Enriç Seymen. This exhibit offers a unique and refreshing perspective we can all benefit from.