Chic List: Multifunctional chairs you didn’t know you needed

Chic List: Multifucntional chairs you didn’t know you needed

Written by Sheli Nuñez

According to recent trends beauty isn’t everything. I know it’s not shocking and some may disagree with this. What we all really need is multifunctional furniture to complete our homes. Maybe you don’t have much space to have multiple items to fulfill different needs. Maybe you just prefer to save money or you’re just earth conscious and don’t believe in buying many things. No matter your situation this is a great alternative to invest in. 

A furniture piece we all have but don’t seem to get a lot of use of is chairs. Sure they can be used to sit or stand to reach something high but what else? I have found three options that’ll do much more then your regular office or dining chair. 

Nigoone Convertible Sleeper Chair

A great alternative for someone that lives in a small town medium size apartment. This sofa can be converted to a chaise, lounger and mattress for guest to sleep in. It’s made of memory foam for soft comfort. The design is lightweight and flexible for easy storage. Many reviews affirm that it is sturdy and easy to assemble, making this a good investment.

Cpintltr Faux Leather Ottoman

An attractive design that’ll be useful. It’s a chair that can be a footstool or side table that includes hidden large storage space. The range of colors and golden adjustable hardware can bring a bit of elegance to the room if your choosing. 

MOGUOBIN Portable Chair

It’s probably the only outdoor chair you’ll need. Its effortless folding options will allow you to convert it to many possibilities. Other than a simple chair it can be a small desk allowing you to write outdoors which sound delightful. It can also be a sturdy stool or a table ideal for camping.