Copenhagen Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2022 recap

Written by June Bobé, intern

Denmark celebrated Copenhagen Fashion Week for Autumn Winter 2022. Every season the event gains more global followers and that is why here at TRAFFIC CHIC and through my lens we will uncover many of the collections.


First impression the collection is a militarize outfit with dark serious tones. As the scenery of this presentations that is also with a gloomy aura gives of that this collection is inspired in the effects of bombing and war.

Some of the clothing designing image pattern looks like the explosive dust clouds and crack of the dry soil that is the battle field like camouflage. The silhouettes of this presentations are mostly rectangular shapes, wide cuts, and puffed pieces. Many of the accessories seen in this show is the bucket hat which continues to be trendy in this period of time.

The shoes used for each outfit were heavy duty boots as well as the bags they carry. The feeling that gave me during this presentation was a bit enthusiastic cause I haven’t seen anything like it. Adding to the feeling it was a bit neutral I loved the color choices it gave me a would compulsively buy items like this if I was into streetwear.

The textures of the textiles that gave me an impression is Hainsworth cloth, cotton, nylon, fleece and some polyester. Nothing happened in this presentation as a show stopper. The inspiration it gave me was how the battlefield looks with the puffed clouds and the dried dead soil their in. It is a modern year concept they have which is referred to fashion streetwear.


The show started with a singer performing in their presentation with a very calming yet mature song. The way some of the models twirled in the center of the runway was captivating to the eye of the public. The year I’m grasping looks like a chic of the 1960 to 1940 on how it went to very groovy to older chic. That goes to the colors to it starts of with something colorful like the vibrant violet to a very serious green tone to finishing with browns and blacks.

Gestuz sent a message that his girl couldn’t travel the world, so she travels in time meaning it’s a going back to the past concept. Nostalgia was a result of the lineup flow remembering the past. The scenery was very flat with the most focus point was the date clock on the background. The silhouettes of these pieces were traditional fitted clothing. Most of the textile’s patters were monochromatic base colors but some had very groovy patters of the 80s. The fabric textiles of what it looks like were mostly vegan leather, latex, cotton and polyester.

The Garment

The scenery at the show was very minimalist as the white void gives a focus point to the grayer neutral looks. Cashmere, cotton, polyester and tailored fabrics were chosen to create pieces in traditionally fits and gathers. The dullness and numbness resulting from the sobriety of the presentation expressed neutrality in a modern way.

Lovechild 1979

Trumpet music opened this show marking the beat of the model’s entrance. White walls and a beige wooden flat floor was the blank canvas for the fall winter collection. The textiles that give me an understanding is tailored fabrics, cotton, chiffon, cashmere and some leather. Slowly, the models displayed the patterns mono colored m floral and linear patterns mixed with pieces in beige, browns, greens and black hues that balanced the neutrality. Contemporary and 80’s were combined to creat this peaceful proposal.

Rabens Saloner

The scenery is completely gray/white with some clay and concrete pots as background decoration. Most of the fabrics were giving a flow I presume that its cotton, chiffon and stretch polyester. Additionally, the coloration was neutral but some others had purple, pink, green and mustard. The silhouettes are traditional fitting and some more loose. I was in a dull mood experiencing this presentation. Nothing shows stopping happen in this presentation. This is a modern inspired era with much simplistic designs.

Boram Yoo

They were the first designer to present at the Designer’s Nest show. I loved that clash of textiles it gives of a beautiful apocalyptic wear. The way they used the colors to resemble fungi was a wonderful color choice.

Apart for that coloration, the floral piece was stunning as well. The silhouettes were very opened and baggy giving thickness to the wearer. This was a more modern apocalyptic design representing individuality.

Elina Heilanen

The second designer at the show kept the style of the previous collection. Silhouettes were also baggy with traditional cuts and the design of the textiles showed liquified strokes. Loved the way that they used ribbons so that the wearer can make adjustments for their body. It marks the beginning of the modern streetwear era.

Bror August Vestbo

The third designer had a more fun pop themed. The silhouettes are fitted customized cuts with puffy gathers. It started with dart colors and made a whole transition on changing to a lighter pink color. It gave me a feeling on how we could move one from the bad and become joyful again. It giving me like a 90’s vibe on how pop it is.

Leevi Ikaheimo

The fourth designer was more eccentric and pop colorful than others, giving a wild side with neon pieces. The silhouettes are tight with lots of spikes. Leathers, cottons, mesh and furs created a rocking wild 2000’s feeling that was completely chaotic.

Mikaela Martensson

Following the neon inspiration was the fifth designer. The silhouettes were well fitted to the bodice and very flowy. The mood of this gave me 90’s futuristic.

Asier Quintana

The Sixth designer had a darker aesthetic that was very pleasing to my eyes. Open cuts and flowy pieces with some that carried tailored stiching gave as pin to the black proposal. Once again, we see a futuristic collection walking down the Designer’s Nest runway.

Frederik Taus

The seventh designer went all pop chic mixed with the 80’s aesthetic. Traditional cuts with massive shoulder pads gave us modern 80’s inspired business ready to wear. Flannel prints and pops of color everywhere transformed the business attire to an eccentric one.

Filippa Agaton

The eight designer went a different route to a basic filled, minimal design. They incorporated leather to the white, blue, black and brown looks. As I see it, it can be described as chic minimalist comfort.

Joona Rautiainen

The ninth designer gave us deconstruction of tailored suits which is an untraditional concept. Silhouette were fit air the waist with baggy bottoms. Black, gray, blue and light brown were the selected palette.

Rinataro Lion

The last designer presented an avant-garde collection that overflowed with artistic originality. Open and flowy silhouettes in blue, black, red and green made the proposal a unique one contrasting the cold room aesthetic.

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