9 common face care mistakes and tips on how to correct them


By: Raquel M. Ortiz Burgos

We all have made mistake when it comes to skin care. Why? Because we don’t know that we are doing it until it’s late. These mistakes can lead to an unhealthy looking complexion. Therefore we have to take care of it so it looks the best.

The skin is a very sensitive part of our body and some of these mistake that we are making are the following: not using moisturizer with SPF daily, not patting dry, forgetting to wash your hands before your face, using the same moisturizer all year, keeping your makeup on the night, not attending your dermatologist, drinking soda, picking acne, waiting to use anti-aging products and not taking care of the neck. These mistake can affect your skin if you don’t treat it the right way.

To have a better skin complexion follow this simple tips:

  1. Apply a moisturizer with SPF daily to prevent your skin of the risk of catching some UV rays and ultimately damage them.

  2. To pat dry, use a different towel each time to prevent dark spots under the eyes that are more likely to form when not doing so.

  3. Always wash your hands before washing your face to prevent bacteria, dirt and oil on your face.

  4. Do not change your moisturizer constantly.

  5. Take off your makeup every night. If you don’t want to wash your face always keep handy makeup remover.

  6. Even if you have a clear skin, don’t forget to have an appointment with your dermatologist. An early check up will help you have and a better skin complexion.

  7. Drinking soda can affect your skin by all the sugar that your body is absorbing. Switch to water and cut out the sugar excess.

  8. Picking your facial acne creates a lot of damage. When feeling like picking your face, just put your hands down.

  9. Don’t wait too long to use anti-aging products; start early because prevention is key.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>If you take care of your skin complexion you have to take care of you neck because then when years pass you will see the difference in your skin and neck. You can start doing so by cleansing and moisturizing below your chin and it would be worthy for the years to come.

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