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Screenshot_2015-06-03-15-53-09By: Raquel M. Ortiz

We are on the search of trying new things to inform you about them. That is why we are experimenting with the latest technology. We now present you Shop Style App by the well known website Pop Sugar. This app is very useful because it is easy to use and has many of the most important people in the fashion industry on it. You can see the designs and buy them if you are interested.

Here I will explain how to navigate through it and where to find everything. You can use this without the need of logging in o signing up. It also gives you the option to join in but it’s not mandatory. This application is available for Android and for iPhone.

  • You can find this by writing SHOP STYLE in the search bar of your play store or app store. You will see the following icon:



  • When the download is completed, open the application and look for the main menu and select what most interest you from it.


  • Then, you will see a diversity of options. When you choose one category, you will find different designers. When selecting one, you will see the designs.


  • If you like something too much and want to purchase it, add it to your shopping cart. If you want to buy it right at that moment, you can proceed to check out. They ship almost everywhere, including Puerto Rico and United States.

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