Trendiest restaurants in Madrid

By Gabriela Marichal, intern

From iconic monuments and lively streets to outstanding gastronomic experiences: Spain’s capital city has it all. Madrid has become a hub for the trendiest, most unique restaurants in Europe. 

Between the eccentric and the more traditional menus, many new restaurants in the city are popular for more than just their food. Many of them double as clubs with DJ sets late at night. And the interior decoration of these spaces is made for taking lots of pictures while you wait for your mojito to come. 

The Instagram era has transformed the gastronomic experience in the city. When searching for restaurants in Madrid, you may stumble upon lists of “The best food”, as well as “The most Instagrammable restaurants”. This has also defined the way restauranteurs market their businesses. 

The pandemic brought upon by COVID-19 has altered the way restaurants operate worldwide. Madrid is currently in a re-opening phase called “new normality” in which mostly everything has re-opened, taking into consideration many security guidelines. However, tourism is only open for people within the country, for now.

For enclosed spaces specifically, there’s a 75% capacity limit. Meanwhile, restaurants with outdoor seating areas are allowed 100% of their capacity. It’s recommended to make a reservation before making your way to a restaurant. 

Here’s a list of some of the trendiest restaurants in the city:  


Calle de Génova  #28

@habaneracolon on Instagram
@habaneracolon on Instagram

Aesthetically inspired in Cuba and its capital city of Habana, Habanera offers a mix of Caribbean and Mediterranean cuisine. This restaurant is situated in the heart of the city, near Plaza Colón and is open for brunch, dinner and late-night drinks. 


Calle Eloy Gonzalo #10

@perrachicamadrid on Instagram
@perrachicamadrid on Instagram

This industrial Spanish restaurant offers a traditional menu on what a beautifully cozy decorated restaurant. The building used to be a bank, which lends itself to be a multi-purpose space. It has a regular seating area as well as a bar and a more relaxed café style zone. 


Paseo de la Castellana #44

@marietacastellana on Instagram
@marietacastellana on Instagram

Marieta has a nomadic concept. Its menu, as well as its décor, is inspired in a trip around the continents. Fusion cuisine with a Mediterranean base. This restaurant transforms into whatever you want it to be. It can be reserved for all kinds of events. They even have a DJ come on some nights, converting the restaurant into a dancing bar and club. 


Calle de San Andrés #1

@restauranteojala on Instagram
@restauranteojala on Instagram

If Madrid can’t come to the beach, bring the beach to Madrid. That’s the concept behind this casual restaurant right in the heart of Malasaña, the new it neighborhood in the city. They offer brunch and comfort food in a uniquely decorated garden-like space. But there’s a surprise in the basement: the floors are filled with sand in an attempt to have a beach bar-feel right in the middle of the metropolis. 

-Pipa & Co

Paseo de la Habana #105

@pipaandco on Instagram
@pipaandco on Instagram

Pipa & Co. adapts to the times. Their menu offerings vary according to what’s available in season. Reason why their ingredients are always fresh. Charcuterie boards filled with brunch foods are they key to this restaurant with beautiful terraces. 

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