#TravelChic: What should I wear? Traveling to New York City this fall

By Crystal Aponte, Intern

Traveling with the right clothes can save us from many uncomfortable situations. It is important to carry the best clothing in our suitcase, not only to look spectacular when walking the streets of the city or taking a photograph, but also to avoid putting our comfort at risk.

We know that traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences. Having the opportunity to visit other countries is something that gives us pleasure and an inexplicable emotion. It should be understood that when planning a trip, it is not only the destination and the itinerary that matters, but also the type of clothing to be worn.

New York City is one of the places we all want to visit. Besides being one of the most important cities of the world, at this time it offers us a cool climate, unlike the Caribbean. For this reason, if you are thinking of traveling in autumn and you don’t know what clothes you should pack, here is a list so that you do not compromise your vacation and you can have an incredible time without losing style and class.

Long pants 

Turtleneck sweater

Caps or hats

Long sleeves sweater

Boots or sneakers

Lightweight coat




Photos by Moda Operandi

Note: It is important that you pack different wardrobe options in case a colder weather change occurs. Focus on dark colors to denote elegance, class, and bearing.

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