Spring 2017 hottest trends to watch for

 By: Lourdes Nicolle Martinez, Editor in Chief

Everyday we look at our closet before leaving our home and ask ourselves the same question: what am I going to wear today? Concerned about not looking like the rest of the world, we do long and extensive research on the season’s fashion trends and even scout store to take a glimpse of what’s coming. That is the exact reason I gathered the top spring 2017 fashion trends to watch for this season.


Neon again? Some wish this trend would have not made its returned to the runways but, we have them. Making the season closet playful and diverse, neons make a great choice when trying to skip the traditional pastel  colors but maintaining a colorful outfit. Focus on a piece in this color to make it a statement piece and keep the look tasteful.


Some say flowers for spring are “groundbreaking”. But we and some international fashion designers think otherwise. Going with a wall-paper approach,  big flower prints are IN for spring in soft and some metallic colors.


All over the runway, this trend remained queen regarding the elegant sensuality matter. Either on a lace blouse or a long gown,  show your skin in a tasteful  and elegant way with transparencies.


Words go with the wind but when printed on a t-shirt, the image preserves forever. Tired of talking? Make a statement with your favorite message on a t-shirts. Pair it with a feminine skirt or lay over a jacket to take the casual out.

Graphic lines

Go bold o spring with big chunky stripes on a massive size print in a vibrant hue. Mix them and match them to add fun and diversity to your outfit. 

Heat  rising? Stay cool and lightweight by incorporating your favorite swimwear piece into your outfit. Depending on the type of swimsuit, if its covered enough it can be used on some work outfits. Grab your bikini or swimwear and pair it with a cool pant, a long skirt or a nice jacket.

Pink dress

One of the characteristic colors of the season is pink. As a love story, this tone, related to love and flowers, comes to fill our dresses with color. The use of dresses becomes romantic in its different forms, whether long, short, cocktail or formal. Play with textiles and shades ranging from pale pink, to raspberry and fuchsia.

Military Inspiration

In spring, the work clothes are transformed, without leaving aside its formality with details with military inspiration. This trend can be seen in the implementation of traditional rain coats, pants, skirts and even dresses. Shades of olive green, cream and gray complement the colorful spring clothes, as seen on the runway.

Square Shoulder

Structure arrives to our closet this season and is positioned on jacket’s shoulder. The square shoulder creates balance for wide hips and offers new alternatives of elegance and movement to your attire. For the success of this trend, watch out for the tailoring of the pieces.

Oversize sleeves

Drama and opulence, which can never fail, come again with the oversize sleeves. This trend has been present through history;  being inspired by the medieval era in all its versions like Juliet and the balloon type. As showed on the runway, this trend is perfect for both day and night.

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