R-Fitting Room: a circular fashion collaboration for the environment

In response to pollution resulting from the operation of the fashion industry, Fernando Chang and Denise Serrano founded R-Fitting Room. This is a digital fashion platform that seeks to encourage designers to practice circular fashion, based on the reuse of textile materials when creating new pieces and introducing them to the consumer market.

Based in the city of Miami, it houses the best talents in the city of Miami, Puerto Rico and Argentina, among others, creating unique pieces under the same concept, with real sizes, functional and versatile garments for today’s women and men that are sure of themselves, and are conscious of the preservation of the planet.

R-Fitting Room’s mission is to drive the fashion manufacturing industry towards a non-polluting, zero-waste closed loop system that takes clothing from production to consumption, recovery and production. Its approach is “repair, reuse, recycle” rather than the usual linear model of “take, make, throw away”.

The fashion industry produces approximately 20 percent of all water waste globally. Additionally, 85 percent of textiles end up in landfills or are incinerated, when most of these materials – especially denim – could be reused.
That is why they have created the “R-PLANET” collection following the aforementioned parameters, which is available for sale on their website www.r-fittingroom.com

R-Fitting Room seeks to continue summoning more fashion creatives who wish to join the project, opening up a new labor market that expands day by day and continues to grow, as well as continuing to generate awareness about waste in the environment, promoting more ethical and sustainable fashion habits and practices.

For more information and to learn more about this incredible proposal visit their website www.r-fittingroom.com.

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