Outfits inspiration for your Barbie movie look

Written by Angélica Pacheco

The Barbie movie is here. The dress code is Barbie pink but you don’t want to be so literal and would like to give it your own touch.Don’t know where to start? Here are a some looks to inspire the Barbie in you.


Before we get to the fun part, let’s see some history about the famous Barbie. Ruth Handler, who co-founded the toy firm Mattel with her husband, created Barbie. Barbara Millicent Roberts, known as Barbie, at 11 inches (29 cm) tall, made her début on March 9, 1959. She claimed she got the idea for the toy after observing her daughter ignore her baby dolls and play with paper dolls of grown-up women. 

Barbie has been in television ads since the early 1960s. With over 60 years of constant television exposure, you can’t help but remember the advertisements throughout your childhood and youth. Because of this exposure, Barbie has become one of the most popular toys in history known til today and a beauty and style role model for decades and is here once again!

This is what the original barbie looked like!

Now that you know a little bit of the history of Barbie, let’s get to know Barbie better, personality wise. She is portrayed as a social butterfly and outgoing person who readily makes friends since she is loyal, kind, generous, and tries her utmost not to offend them. Barbie is a fashion fanatic who has her own massive store and is always prepared in the event of a fashion emergency/disaster. Did I mention Barbie loves the color pink? All pink color is good pink for Barbie. She even has her own Pantone color called Barbie Pink!

It’s time to think Pink! With the new real life Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie on theaters worldwide, girls, you wanna go as fabulous as possible to see the premiere of the movie, and it’s not hard to get the Barbie in you outside!

Here is inspiration to recreate the Barbie look:

The first look is summery! Barbie is well recognized for wearing pink, but not necessarily for the color. You may create the style with a set of flower earrings, a pink handbag, and pink heels when wearing a basic, floral pink dress. With a polka-dot head scarf, you can let your hair breathe when it’s hot! This is perfect for going on a picnic!

This western-inspired look in a pink denim cowboy outfit is to die for. Match with white a hat and shoes, with a crop vest and hot pink bell bottoms. To complete the look, add a scarf around your neck and let the fun begin, this can be used anywhere from a walk around the park to going roller skating with your best friends!

Want to be comfortable and fashionable? Of course, every person needs those days, so a 80’s inspired track suit is your friend, especially when worn with a straightforward crop top.  Pair it with adorable heart-shaped earrings and sunglasses. Put on your coziest white sneakers, then accessorize with a golden butterfly necklace. Perfect for everyday activities and fashion emergencies!

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