#NewBrandAlert Marwida swimwear

By Lourdes N. Martínez, Editor in Chief

At the SLS South Beach pool during day 4 of Paraiso Miami Beach, we met a new swimwear brand for men called Marwida. This funcional and stylish brand balances fashion and sustainability to provide a new option for men looking for a good pair of shorts for summer.

The handcrafted swimwear is currently available in coral, star and waves patterns. Each come in grey, blue, acqua, yellow, purple and red. Size range from small to XL.  The suits are strongly built to last season after season.

Made in a slim Italian fit, the shorts are straight leg, mid-length and mid-rise style and offer adjustable waistbands and built in mesh briefs. 

Keeping their sustainability model, Marwida’s swimwear only uses engineered upcycled materials, where of a good 40% is SEAQUAL® YARN, a polyester produced under license from The SEAQUAL Initiative who together with fisherman, NGOs and local communities are cleaning the Mediterranean of marine litter. The remaining yarn in a pair of Marwidas comes from land recycled post consumer plastic bottles. 

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