Men’s Spring 2020 trends: the tank top

By Lourdes Nicolle Martínez, Editor in Chief

Sure, spring has come and we are unable to enjoy it because of COVID-19’s social distancing. But that doesn’t mean that you have to also hide your fashionista status. There are ways to be stylish yet confortable during this pandemic.

One of the Men’s spring summer 2020 fashion trends you can apply while staying at home is THE TANK TOP. There is not a specific type this season, so YOU ARE IN LUCK! 

If the style you are going for is minimalistic or classic, or just want to get comfortable and bare the rising temperatures, go for a solid color in a neutral like white, grey or black.

If you need a splash of color to brighten your repetitive days, go for a neon tone.

If you are an attention lover, go for a bold graphic or a strong message that matches your mood.

Play with fabric and textures and mix with shorts, jeans and pants.

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