Makeup trend: How to wear the graphic eyeliner

By Luis Gabriel Rodríguez Betancourt

Now, let’s talk about eye-liners, but spefically the graphic liner. Before talking about this style, let’s dig in it past. This style was elaborated since 2010, when such YouTube tutorials and Instagram makeup were trending. But guess what! It came back to make your makeup shine

This 2019. We know it’s been popular ever since, but it came sassy now cause Kelli Bartlett, makeup artist and artistic director of Glamsquad,  said that this look will pop this season, and since that, it became so popular. Why? Cause actors and singers like Dove Cameron started using this style ever since. And if your that type boy or girl that loves to make things radiant try using different colors of eye-liners, but the classy type, then black would be your color.

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