Home Decor Trends: Say Hello to Maxima-chic

Written by Angelica Pacheco

Minimalism has been paving the home decor trend route these years. Waving off new influences and styles led younger artists and designers to question conventional boundaries between various media, taking life to a simpler level, but in recent months, new waves has shaken the medias.

Where the incoming generation and the current ones are needing new ways to express creatively in their comfort of their homes.  Social media has taken a liking to “weird decor”, mushroom and fantasy aesthethics, turning it into a creative haven and experimented maximalistic expression.

A reaction against minimalism, Maximalism is an aesthethic of excess contrasting the motto “less is more” with “more is more”. It uses a lot of bold colors, patterns, textures, layers, repetition, detailed intricacies, serif fonts, luxury materials and ornamentation. Leaving little space for white. The make characteristic of Maximalism is the personification of your own space, and we are here to give you some items to join on this trend, while making slow moves to the Maxima-chic.

Mushroom nightlight

The sensory night light is designed with the semblance of authentic mushrooms, leaves, grass and flower. The illumination will showcase a tricolored display consisting of blue, yellow, and white. Radiant and gentle illumination illuminates the surrounding obscurity, keep the lights aglow for yourself and your loved ones. The luminosity of the lights will adjust itself in response to the luminosity of the ambient light source, with the lights becoming more radiant when the light source is dimmer. Transforming it into a nightlight with significantly reduced power consumption.

Fashionable while also being functional. This trendy pattern is both age-appropriate and functional for everyday use. The Dali wall clock is a great addition for those who also enjoy ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed decor. The upper part is firmly fastened to a level base. Capable of serving as a book-end due to its robustness. The clock that hangs on the wall is equipped with roman numerals and two hands that can be manually adjusted, and it necessitates the use of a single AA battery that must be obtained separately. This item is fully operational rather than solely ornamental, and its dimensions are 7 inches by 4.5 inches. We offer an amusing desk adornment featuring both our Alice-themed clock as well as our clocks inspired by Salvador Dali’s iconic melting clock design.

Conversation starter

A concept store for those with an eye for design and a taste for out of the ordinary things, is La Dolce Vita here in Puerto Rico. Designers Carla Santos and Marta Alvarez sell beautifully unique designs, that add a elegant feel but fun and maximalist essence when combined.  Surely once visitors stumble upon these designs, it’s a conversation starter and a way to project your taste, style and creativity,nevertheless, luxurious. Find them at www.iloveladolcevita.com.