Easy Mimosa Cocktail Recipe

By Yanelis Colón, intern

The Mimosa is a classic brunch cocktail to drink at any time. Yes, you can drink at 10 am on a Saturday morning, after coffee of course. It’s a classic pairing of sweet, fresh-squeezed orange juice with a delicious Champagne.


Some experts are still debating about where the cocktail’s begun. Some say the very first mimosa debuted in London in 1921, created by the bartender Buck’s Fizz at Buck’s Club. While others assert that it was invented by bartender Frank Meier at the Ritz Bar in Paris in 1925. Certainly, everyone agrees that it was called mimosa because of a yellow flower, the “​Acacia Dealbata” ​with a similar color to the drink mixture. No matter where it came from, it cannot be denied that mimosa has managed to take root in popular culture as a classy drink.

What is a mimosa?

Is a mixture of champagne or sparkling wine and juice. Orange juice is the traditional choice for making a delicious mimosa, but you can also use other fruity juices. If you don’t want to go through juicing fresh oranges, you can use regular orange juice that gives delicious results.

A classic Mimosa uses sparkling wine. If you prefer Champagne a good quality Cava there are good choices but depending on the occasion you choose what you like best.

Today we present to you the perfect mimosa recipe! We know you’re going to love it! If you do make this recipe please let us know in the comments below what you think! We love hearing from you.

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