#ChicHost Spin your Thanksgiving decor with platters based on your personality

By Luis Gabriel Rodríguez Betancourt

As a host you want your party to be flawless. That is why I will give you tips on the method to take risks on decor to bring it from cute to innovative and yet functional for Thanksgiving or that special occasion.

To make the decor naturally look like it’s yours, we will use as foundation your personality. You can communicate not just with fashion, but also with the chosen decor. Now, I will show you how to give a spin on the event with serving platters. We guarantee that we will make your guests talk for days. 

I will focus on 3 styles, which may describe your taste, so this can be a heads start when it comes to rock your Thanksgiving party. 

If your style is MODERN, you don’t need a technological platters. Instead, choose a white platter to give it a fancy touch,. We will stay away from the traditional whites and go bold by selecting one with uneven finishes in the trim to create a modern vibe. This type of platter will make your party elegant yet modern and fresh.

If you like the RUSTIC, country style and love wood accents, choose a raw wood or stone platter. It will go great if you live on the countryside or just want to add warmth and a homie feeling to the decor. So if you are that can have person which enjoys nature accents, this style is for you.

Last but not least is the BOHEMIAN style. If you consider yourself bold, unconventional and all the way a risk-taker, this platter is for you. Add a pop of color and fun with with playful platters in vibrant hues. Mix and match patterns to give it drama.

Hope this will help elevate your Thanksgiving hosting game!

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