By: Raquel Marie Ortiz Burgos

Looking for the perfect necklace for your wedding day? We will show you which necklace is right for each wedding dress neckline.

Halter Neckline

This dress is a single non-broken strap that wraps around the back of your neck and create a V Shape cleavage line in the front. The necklace for the dress needs to have a narrow pendant with a sharp end. The length of the necklace should be 18’’.

V – Neck 

This neckline is distinguish because the design cut is dip down in a V-Shape. The perfect necklace for the cut is one with a sharp pendant. The length of this necklace has to be 20’’ in order to look proportionate and elegant.

Boat Neck

Also called a ‘Bateau neckline’, it has a high cleavage that stands onto the shoulders. For this neckline, you need to find a long and beaded string necklace.

Scoop Neck

This neckline is characterized by the curved U shape with the arms hanging on the shoulders. The appropriate necklace is multiple beaded strings or a large-scale pendant. This neckline is very flattering to any body shape.



The strapless neckline is a very popular choice for busty brides; it is very flattering for big shoulders and collarbones. The perfect necklace for this neckline is the chocker.


This neckline is very different because it is cut in one side and folded down while the other side is faltered up. The necklace for this one is angular pendants. The length of the necklace is 18”.


This neckline is in the shape of a heart and it gives the torso a long line that makes your neck look longer. The necklace that is the perfect pair is a wide, curved necklace.


This neckline open up the neck and also give the impression of wider shoulders, perfect for women with triangle-shaped figure. Choose a necklace with an angular pendant.

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