Ask for this fall nail colors at the salon

By Rosangely Gómez

Manicures and pedicures are so important. Not only do well taken care of nails look aesthetic, they also can be a staple on one’slook. Sometimes a french manicure or a clear nailpolish is all we need. However, if you want to explore beyond those two, know that Summer is over and the bright colorful nail designs tend to cease. So what are the nail polish colors you should consider using this fall?

  • Pearlescent or nude colors

If you prefer light soft colors for your nails, a pearlescent or nude color is perfect for you. Coat you ring finger with a clear subtle glitter nail polish of your preference to add a twist to it. 

  • Elevated Oranges

Now these colors are very popular during fall. It’s not red but its not pure orange either, which just makes it the perfect in between color for this season. 

  • Purples 

Light to dark purples, it does not matter. Any shade of this color that you choose will rock your nails this fall.

  • Blues, preferably slate blue

Light blues are also a simple color to show off this season. Try to stay within the blues with a grey undertone.

  • Brick reds

Reds with brown undertones are the perfect adjective for autumn. You can never go wrong with reds!

  • Moss green

Green can be a very drastic color. Focus on moss greens to achieve the perfect fall look. 

A good manicure and pedicure done  professionaly or at home can instantly lift our moods. Keep in mind the colors mentioned above for your pampering days. Play a little with your options. Maybe you can color each nail a different color or add some designs to them. Do what feels right for you. You do you!

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