Are you drinking water the wrong way?

By Rosangely Gómez

Haven’t we all heard that drinking water is probably one of the solutions to many of our concerns. Acne? Drink water. Dry skin? Drink water. Digestive issues? Drink water. There is a reason why water is so important in our daily life. The majority of our body is composed of water. Water intake helps us digest food, level body temperature, absorb nutrients and assists in many other body functions. There is truth in drinking water as a very important step to gain more health. While working on this habit, we should know the right time and quantity of water intake recommended per day.

Chugging gallons of water seems like a waste of time when after a short few minutes we must run to the nearest bathroom. Contrary to what many may think, colorless urine and running to the bathroom as soon as we drink a good amount of water is not a good sign. This actually indicates that the water one drank is not being absorbed by the body. 

To stay hydrated and benefit from drinking water, the following steps are recommended:

  1. First thing in the morning, drink 8oz of room temperature water. 
  2. Sip water during the day and don’t drink large amounts at once.
  3. Do not eat meals while drinking water. Drink water half an hour before eating and half an hour after eating.
  4. Before bedtime drink a glass of water. 
  5. Drink half your body weight in ounces. 

For many, this habit can be a tough one to follow. Carrying a reusable bottle that can be refilled it’s a great way to establish the water drinking habit. It enables the user to fill the cup over and over again once the water is gone. Also, it prevents the overuse of single use water bottles. Your body is waiting on you to take the step! Your skin, hair, nails, liver and lymphatic system will thank you later. 

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