The amazing host diaries: Put together the perfect bar

The bar is one of the key components to a great party. Many times undervalued, a good bar can be a great staple of the party décor and can make or break your event. Even when you don’t offer alcohol on your gathering, you can take inspiration on this article and put together something nice that works for you.

Key components (for 8 guests):

  • Tray or designated area
  • 2 clear spirits (vodka, gin (or if Puerto Rican go for the rum)
  • 2 brown spirits (rum, bourbon)
  • 1 red wine
  • 1 white wine
  • 1 club soda
  • 1 champagne
  • 1 nonalcoholic drink
  • 1 bottle opener / corkscrew
  • 1 small ice bucket with tongs
  • 1 pretty bowl with precut fruits, lime
  • 8 coasters
  • All-purpose lowball and highball glasses (for wine and drinks on the rocks, or just go for acrylic)
  • Old-fashioned coupes (for bubbly and drinks served “up”)

And for some visual inspiration, here are some of the best and chicest bar trays on Pinterest

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