A new way to care for earth at Liliana Montoya Swim

By Lourdes Nicolle Martínez, co-founder & Editor in Chief

At the end of day 1 of Paraiso Miami Beach, the tent became a sea full of mermaids with the Liliana Montoya Swim Resort 2022 runway show. The show was a fun and musical celebration of planet earth. nd the brand.It al started with a musical presentation by Giselle that celebrated indigenous tribes with her calming flute.

Montoya titled the first collection “Gaia”, a curated collection for the conscious soul & heart inspired by the Goddess of Earth. Gaia breaks into sustainable and circular fashion with reversible swimwear made of PET plastic bottles. Learn more on the interview we did for our podcast “Catching Up with TRAFFIC CHIC” added below.

The second collection was “#FollowYourHeart”, Montoya’s statement collection, fusing her passions for the fashion industry and her Colombian roots. It highlighted her signature detail, the gold-touched heart ornament, applied by hand in every garment.

“#FollowYourHeart is a lifestyle and motivating movement for the new generation to be its best.”, said Liliana Montoya, designer of the brand.

The presentation was not only sustainable but also practical by offering reversible bikinis that can be mixed and match between the floral / animal print with solid colors.

LILIANA MONTOYA Swim is a philanthropic apparel line seeking to promote the welfare of the most vulnerable communities from Colombia, specially at the Amazonas. The meticulously handmade garments are thread by hand by skilled craftswomen in Colombia – Antioquia & Amazonas. Some of the garments have accessories woven with fibers representing their ancestral culture and connection with the natural environment. Through her brand, Montoya seeks to give back to her roots, donating 10% of net proceeds from the collection’s magnificent line of bracelets & anklets to her charity #FollowYourHeart.

As a company founded on the principles of nature appreciation, they are continuously evolving, converting progressively into a sustainable brand with eco-friendly products. They are highly motivated to be part of the environmental solution, with 80% of their garments made of 100% plastic bottles and recycled fabrics. Encouraging consumers to stay curious and involved in supporting quality instead of quantity, the brand inspires a deeper understanding of the fast fashion industry, highlighting how daily routines & consumer choices combat climate change.

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