6 Spring Summer 2020 top trends straight from the runway

By Lourdes Nicolle Martínez, Editor in Chief

Photos edited by Gabriela Guzmán

We are at the peak of Spring and isolated in our homes. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot be informed on the top trends for the season. Enjoy this food for your fashionista soul:

Groovy glam

The 70’s are back with their best silhouettes and bold and bright colors and patterns. Long and lean suits with single button blazer and skinny flares bottoms; flowy dresses, waist belts, and shirts with wing collars.

Bright and chic

Neon is back! Neon can be chic if done the right way. Many designers around the world chose to bring a pop of color to their runway shows with neon shades. They can be found in any piece of clothing, say swimwear, suits, dresses, and many other. To make this trend tasteful and work for you, find only 1 item with the neon color to use with neutral or prints that compliment it. Focus on selecting pieces in high quality materials to make the whole outfit work.

Shirts all the way

Shirts are always in style but this season they are trend. You will see them everywhere with varied styles: oversize and lean, with bels, bold details or waist belts; even in an asymmetrical cut or just as a shirt dress. This is a sophisticated way to stay cool and look stylish at anytime.

The short suit

Tailored suits with short bottoms are here to stay. They can be used for work or play and come in neutrals, bold colors, many fabrics and prints to go with every mood and personality. The length of the pant will be based on your activity. If you will use the suit to work, choose longer lengths and if going to party or to an event, play with the shorter pants. Pair them with silk tank tops, crop tops and t-shirts.

Tropical flora

There is beauty in nature and this spring, the it print will be tropical flora. It can be used in their variety of flowers, leafs, fauna and trees. This prints can be found either in all the garment, subtle and disguised almost blurred into the fabrics or just as a statement on the garment. Have fun with this trend on your shirts, dresses, bottoms and swimwear.

Layer with a vest

Vests are back as a piece to improve your layering game.This sleeveless staple is perfect for spring and summer because they add style and keep you fresh during hot temperatures. Choose either sophisticated and minimal for work and more formal events, classic style for work and boho with embroidery for going out on the weekends. Either way, they will look good with dresses, jeans, pants and over shirts, blouses and skirts.

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