3 hairstyles for your last party as a host

By Luis Gabriel Rodríguez Betancourt, intern

Having to do your hair everyday can be pretty intense and stressful. Even more, when the holiday season comes, which requires having parties, and since you are being the hostess, it means you need to look great. However, I’m here to show you simple and classy hairstyles that will left you feeling a chic vibe.

Who likes the hair up? Still a hot trend, the topknot bun, may look like just a simple bun on top, that with some hair spray to pump up and boast your hair, will give you a classy and elegant look. Just make the bun as full as possible to add some drama to your look.

Certain people desire some loose hair with a half updo because it’s romantic and sweet. First, curl your hair and loose the waves passing a brush or your fingers softy through them. Then select the amount of hair you want up and set it with bobby pins. Add hairspray. For era glamour, tease the hair below to lift the half do.

At last, for those who prefer their hair free and out of the face the wet waves look will be perfect for your party. Curl your hair, then add gel or hair cream and comb it until you attain the desired “wetness” .

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