Try this: the best Bloody Mary

By Yanelis Colón, Intern

The world of cocktails offers options for all tastes. If you love spicy and salty flavors, you need to try the Bloody Mary. It’s a cool cocktail even experts say it is even healthy, thanks to its content of tomatoes and other vegetables. It is one of the most iconic cocktails internationally.

We love its unique color, as well the spicy and warm flavor. Yes, that spicy aftertaste that makes it perfect for drinking at any time. The cocktail consists of vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt and pepper.

Remember, you can get creative when building your own Bloody Mary. For garnish you can use celery, green olives, baby pickles, hot peppers or sliced lemon or limes. Also, your base liquor doesn’t have to be vodka, in fact, you can use light rum gin, or tequila as well.

How to prepare the perfect Bloody Mary

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