Beach Bunny Resort 2021 – Paraiso Miami Beach

By Lourdes Nicolle Martínez, Editor in Chief

Paraiso Miami Beach was a hybrid event where digital presentations were broadcasted live at the event website. This was the case for Beach Bunny that after the live shopping hour presented their Resort 2021 collection. The proposal was also see now-buy now on the Paraiso website.

The collection exhibited sexy swimwear and resort wear pieces for the confident woman that loves summer parties. Details like gold chains, fringe, and zippers elevated each design to a more glamorous take on swimsuits.

From pink to black with some refreshing splashes of aqua and white made the proposal young and new for the season to come. Scuba inspired pieces, as well as a sequin bikini and a revealing maxi dress spiced up the looks that walked beside the Plymouth Hotel pool.

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